Passenger Terms & Conditions
TowncarsNOW Pty Ltd


General Terms & Conditions

  • We refers to TowncarsNOW Pty Ltd.
  • Client refers to – You, your – the individual/s, company or other entity making a booking, and/or any representative or guest thereof.



A. Sign Up & Login

1. Sign up:

– The client has the ability to sign up via mobile number where the person will enter a valid mobile number. Users will then receive an OTP (One Time Password) for mobile number verification and Account Activation.
– The client has the ability to sign up via Facebook account.
– The profile will then be verified.

2. Account activation:

– Once the customer enters the OTP (One Time Password), the account is activated.
– The customer is asked to enter the name and email address. The customer will need to verify email address entered in their profile. The profile will then be verified, and the customer can then receive receipt emails from the service.
– The customer needs to register a valid credit card in the Payments section before the first ride.

3. Login:

– The client has the ability to login with their mobile number and OTP. The system will then check if the profile exists, then the user will log into the application.
– The client has the ability to login with Facebook.

B. Aggregation

– The client has the ability to enter pickup and drop off location manually or by dropping pin on the map. Drop off location to be reflected on the driver’s application. The user can add a favourite location and also mark them as a pickup location.
– The client has the ability to then view the fare estimate.
– The client has the ability to view the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the nearest driver.
– The client has the ability to view final fare at the end of the ride

C. Promotional Codes

– The client has the ability to apply any promotional code offers at the time of making the ride request. Promotional code offers will be based on either dollar or percentage discount. Offers will be received by customer as push notification or email from TowncarsNOW.
– The client has the ability to share referral code which will be unique to each customer and available as a one-time discount. Discount will only apply upon use of referral code by another client.

D. Notifications

The client has the ability to get real time push notifications:

– Request accepted
– Driver updates: on the way, reached pickup location, ride started/ended
– Promotions
– Cancellations

E. Tracking

– The client has the ability to track real time location of driver on map and view the ETA.

F. Payment

– All bookings must be paid by credit card registered through the account. Major credit cards include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club.
– TowncarsNOW will process your payment of the trip charges on behalf of the service provider. All charges will be inclusive of any taxes required by the law. All charges are final, unless there is a discrepancy which will be determined by TowncarsNOW.
– TowncarsNOW drivers are not authorised to accept payment within the vehicles.
– All Charges are required immediately and TowncarsNOW will then send you a receipt email. The client is responsible for the payment method, regardless of their credit card expiring or being invalid to use.
– Whilst the first charge is a base fare cost, additional charges, such as tolls and fees, will be added to the cost of the trip. Major events, such as sports and public holidays will attract additional charges. There will be no demand driven surge pricing.
– Waiting time charges may be applicable as a result of the driver being requested to wait for certain periods at the beginning, end or during the trip.
– The client has the option to add additional tipping to the driver, at their own discretion. (If the client chooses to add a tip, when ride is completed, the tip amount will be separately charged, but it will not be included in the receipt email).
– Minimum fare applies on all trips.

G. Feedback

– The client has the ability to give a star rating and feedback about the driver and the trip.

H. Extra Features

– The client has the ability to view and edit their profile, which includes first name, email, phone, saved addresses and emergency contacts.

– The client has the ability to add or delete a payment card (CC or DC). Maximum 1 card can be associated with a profile at a time.

– The client has the ability to view ongoing and past bookings with booking ID, date, time of ride, driver in screen view and status of ride. On clicking the screen, additional ride details such as rating given, pickup and drop off location, driver profile pic, detail of ride will be displayed.

– The client has the ability to cancel a ride (cancellation policy applies).
– The client has the ability to activate a safety feature button.
– The client has the ability to click on support email address and compose message via the app.
– The client has the ability to sign out of the application.



1. General

The client will be charged for the rates set out on the app booking. The order is considered as final, once automatic confirmation is notified within the app booking.
The client will be liable as the principal debtor for all payments within the app booking.
To ensure a safe environment for all parties, TowncarsNOW may at any given time, at its discretion and without notice, alter or suspend user access.
Text Messaging – when creating a profile, you agree that TowncarsNOW will send you text (SMS) messages as part of the normal business operation.


2. Subject and Limit of the Offer

The conditions of this offer apply exclusively to the supply of services specified herein and are not binding for additional services. The client in no case will be allowed to put forward standards, specifications, statute, rules and uses, not duly accepted by the company.


3. Validity

The client will have the ability to sign up via a valid mobile number in number format or via Facebook Account. The client will then receive OTP (One Time Password) for mobile number verification and Account Activation.
The client must be 18 years of age to register their profile. The client must provide at least one valid payment method (valid credit card). The client must maintain accurate personal information and an updated credit card (standard credit card terms will apply).
All bookings are subject to availability at the time of the request. The client has the option to cancel the request as per the booking app procedure. Cancellation terms are applicable.


4. Responsibilities

TowncarsNOW Pty Ltd will not be liable, whether in tort, or otherwise for any accident, injury, loss or damage to persons or property of any kind. This also includes any delay or failure in performance, resulting from causes beyond TowncarsNOW’s control.

The above provision shall be read subject to any implied terms, conditions or warranties of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any other Commonwealth or State legislation in so far as such may be applicable, and prevent either expressly, or implied exclusion or modification of any such term, condition or warranty.

The consumption of food and alcohol is not permitted in any of TowncarsNOW vehicles.


5. Lost Items

In order to help compensate the driver, a $20 fee will be charged once your lost item is returned. You will be able to pass on another phone number if needed and the driver will contact you to arrange return of the item.

Please note that drivers are independent contractors. TowncarsNOW will provide all support for you to try to find your item, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost belongings or items.



The ownership and intellectual property rights of the products shall remain with TowncarsNOW Pty Ltd at all times.

The client may not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices from any portion of the TowncarsNOW Platform.

The client may not copy or mirror any portion of the software services.

The client may not reproduce, modify, publicly display, transmit, broadcast, resell and distribute any portion of the software services.

The client may not recreate or clone any data within the software platform.

The client has the ability to activate a safety feature button.


Damage & Behaviour

In order to create a pleasant climate in which to work and to reduce conflict in the workplace, all members of the TowncarsNOW, including drivers and clients, should treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.

If you or any person or part of your party damage or soil our vehicles, interior or exterior, including all fittings and fixtures, you will be liable for all costs incurred to rectify any damage.

If you or any person or part of your party behave in a manner deemed unsafe, crass or damaging or you or any part of your party is considered intoxicated, before, after or whilst en route, we reserve the right to abort travel, evict you from the vehicle & terminate your reservation and no refund will apply. A police report will be submitted if necessary.

Some examples of inappropriate behaviour or misconduct include but are not limited to:

  • Intimidation, assault, threatening assault and/or possessing an unauthorised weapon;
  • Unauthorised possession, use, removal, misappropriation or damage of TowncarsNOW or another person’s property.
  • Performing an illegal act or inciting other persons to commit illegal acts;
  • Fraud – including producing false documents or altering or falsifying existing documents for your own or another person’s gain.
  • Bribery – accepting money or gifts or performing work in order to favour another person or body;
  • Being under the influence of alcohol/drugs/other narcotic substances.

Any inappropriate behaviour may result in TowncarsNOW deactivating the use of the service provided. Any reported incidents will be investigated in a timely manner.

Safety Devices

Seatbelts are fitted to all our vehicles and must be used by all passengers whilst the vehicle is in motion. Failure to use the safety devices correctly, will be the sole responsibility of the passenger or passengers’ guardian/parent and/or the person or entity confirming the booking.


Alcohol / Smoking and Illegal Substances/Materials

Government legislation strictly prohibits smoking and all illegal materials and substances in all licensed public vehicles.


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TowncarsNOW reserves the right to alter or update these Terms & Conditions at any time. The client agrees to be bound by any such modifications updates. Adjustments will be effective upon TowncarsNOW’s communication with clients.