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TowncarsNOW provides on-demand chauffeured service for all corporate and private customers.

Our luxury fleet includes Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Caprice, Jaguar, Range Rover, Chrysler, Tesla, Porsche, Lexus, Volkswagen or similar (Luxury Sedan, SUV and People Movers).

Our TC Everyday Fleet will include Holden, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen  or similar. Vehicle age expectancy will be 7 years.

Looking for stress-free and convenient transfers? Our fully automated dispatch system allows you to book your trip instantly. TowncarsNOW cutting-edge technology also makes this easy and fast.


Why Use TowncarsNOW?

  • No demand driven surge pricing
  • Affordable fares (TC EVERYDAY) & Competitive rates (Luxury vehicles)
  • On-demand TC EVERYDAY Luxury Sedan, SUV and People Movers
  • Professional accredited chauffeurs (Luxury) & Screened Drivers (TC EVERYDAY)
  • Safety feature activation
  • In-app Support and Lost Items Solutions
  • Live Tracking
  • Luxury Modern Fleet (Luxury Sedan, SUV and People Movers)
  • Service available 24/7
  • Exclusive access to Airports
  • Discount codes
  • Secure online payment
Customer About

How to request your TowncarsNOW

  • Enter pick up and drop off location
  • View fare estimate
  • Choose the vehicle Type: TC EVERYDAY, Luxury Sedan, SUV or People Movers.
  • View the ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the nearest driver
  • Place instant request
  • Once job is accepted, you can see your driver’s profile picture, vehicle and contact details, along with the real-time tracking.
  • Receive real time push notifications with driver status
  • Safety Feature Button
  • See final fare at the end of the trip.
  • Leave a star rating and feedback about your driver.
  • Receive receipts on your verified email.

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Airport Transfers

Why use TowncarsNOW to go to the Airport?

  • Exclusive access to Airports (Luxury options)
  • Stress free Pick up & Drop Off
  • Avoid queuing in taxi lines
  • Drivers assistance with luggage
  • Communicate with the driver
  • Request your TowncarsNOW when you land
  • Get to the airport on time
Airport Transfers
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Airport Transfers



How to Cancel my TowncarsNOW

  • You can cancel your ride at any time before the driver’s arrival. Just tap the “CANCEL” button in the app.

Cancellation Fees

  • A $10.00 (TC EVERYDAY) / $15.00 (Luxury vehicles) cancellation fee will be charged 5 minutes after the driver has accepted your request. If you cancel within 5 minutes from the request acceptance, the fee will not be charged.

Lost Items

  • TowncarsNOW will facilitate your connection with the driver. You will be able to pass on your preferred phone number through “Email Support” and the driver will contact you to arrange return of the item.
  • In order to help compensate the driver, a $20 fee will be charged once your lost item is returned.
  • Please note that drivers are independent contractors. TowncarsNOW will provide all support for you to try to find your item, but neither TowncarsNOW or the driver can be held responsible for any lost belongings.

Account and Payment Options

Update Profile:

  • To update your profile, click on your name on the main menu, then click on the pencil on the right-hand corner of the screen. You can edit your personal information, including contact details, saved locations and emergency contacts.
  • Update your information then click on the disk on the top right-hand corner to save the changes.
  • If you change your phone number, you will need to verify it again.

Update Credit Card

  • Click on “Side Menu” and then tap “Payments”.

Luggage and Passengers


  • Please note: Sedan (up to 4 passenger  | 2-3 midsize luggage), SUV (up to 4 passengers | 2-4 midsize luggage) and People Movers (up to 6 passengers |6-7 checked in size luggage)
    *TC EVERYDAY includes Sedan, SUV and People Mover. Please communicate with the driver via the app in reference to luggage.


Additional Luggage or Passengers

  • If you need a trailer, child seat or any other extras, please pre-book your ride with Towncars Pre-Booked (Click here to download Towncars Pre-booked), as this is a separate app.

What should I do if I get involved in an accident?

  • First please make sure all parties involved are safe, contact emergency services if necessary. Then, please contact TowncarsNOW to report the incident through “Email Support” in your app.
  • On your message to TowncarsNOW, please include the details of the accident, such as date, place, incident, etc.

I was incorrectly charged, what can I do?

Please contact us through Chat or Email Support and report the issue in regards to your fare; see some common reasons below.

  • My driver didn’t follow the preferred route
  • I was incorrectly charged for the tolls and parking.
  • My driver stopped without being requested
  • My driver didn’t close the trip after dropping me off.
  • I didn’t take this trip
  • I was incorrectly charged the cancellation fee.

How does the cleaning fee work?

  • In the case the driver’s vehicle is damaged or dirty, the customer may be liable to pay a cleaning fee.
  • The value of the cleaning fee is determined according to the severity of the damage and the driver will receive the full amount.
  • Cleaning fee receipt to be supplied.

Is TowncarsNOW safe?

  • All TowncarsNOW drivers are professional accredited chauffeurs (Luxury Vehicles) or Screened Drivers (TC EVERYDAY). Mandatory background and history checks need to be provided before approval.
  • Vehicles are insured and well maintained, going through inspections, plus follow state regulations.

How can I pay my TowncarsNOW?

  • All bookings must be paid by credit card registered through the account. Major credit cards include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club.
  • TowncarsNOW will process your payment of the trip charges on behalf of the service provider. All charges will be inclusive of any taxes required by the law. All charges are final, unless there is a discrepancy which will be determined by TowncarsNOW.

Estimated Quote
Download the TowncarsNOW app to get a real-time estimated fare.

How is the price calculated?

Your final fare will be the total of:

  • Fare
  • Booking Fee
  • Government Levy
  • Additional Charges (Tolls/Parking if applicable)
  • Waiting Time (if applicable)
  • Total Fare (GST inc)


* Major events, such as sports and public holidays attract additional charges.
* There will be no demand driven surge pricing.
* Promotions and discounts apply to your final fare.

Contact TowncarsNOW

Contact TowncarsNOW via “Email Support” or Chat Support” in your app.

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